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On the home page I describe how some cachers are more motivated by numbers, and some by the quality of individual caches. And that some prefer urban caches, whereas others prefer remote ones. And that some cachers enjoy finding caches in challenging locations.

My own preferences are for interesting, high quality caches in great locations, and for caches that push my boundaries to achieve. For the best caches I find I make a geocoin for the cache owner, as a thank-you. I call these TOP CACHE geocoins. I maintain a list of these outstanding caches on http://www.amberel.com/topcache.htm

Geocachers sometimes wish to know in which county they, or a geocache, are. County boundaries change, so this is not as straightforward as it first appears. This link http://www.amberel.com/county.htm takes you to a small utility, designed for use on a smartphone, which will pick up your position and report which county you are in, using the county boundaries as they existed after the 1974 changes. Alternatively you can find the county for manually entered co-ordinates.